The Yamaha P45 Upgrade keyboard represents the evolution of its predecessor, the Yamaha P35. Building upon the foundation of its forerunner, this new iteration incorporates several enhancements to align with the ever-evolving demands of the music industry. Its primary goal is to provide an unparalleled sonic experience, setting a high standard for performance.

This keyboard boasts a design that is both simple and sleek, making it accessible to novice users while still offering an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Its user-friendly interface ensures that even those with limited experience can enjoy its exceptional features without unnecessary complications.

The Yamaha P45 Upgrade stands as a full-sized piano adorned with cutting-edge technological advancements, setting the stage for an exceptional performance. This infusion of technology plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between this keyboard and its acoustic counterpart, making it an aspirational choice for budding musicians. Indeed, theYamaha P45 Upgrade embodies the dreams of many music beginners, as it doesn’t merely bestow playing skills but also serves as a comprehensive educational tool to nurture you from a novice to a proficient music producer.

Incorporating a holistic package, the P45 lays the foundation for the day when you’ll confidently grace the keys of a genuine acoustic piano, realizing your musical aspirations effortlessly.

Perhaps you’re still contemplating why theYamaha P45 Upgrade deserves your attention amidst a sea of beginner keyboards. Allow us to elucidate the reasons why bypassing the Yamaha P45 Upgrade would be a missed opportunity.

While we did include this piano in our previous article on the best digital pianos, there’s much more to uncover and explore, and we will delve into all of it in this comprehensive review.

Yamaha P45 Upgrade


The initial impression left by the Yamaha P45 Upgrade is nothing short of extraordinary, mirroring the exceptional features it houses within. Its compact and lightweight build immediately underscores its portability, making it evident that this keyboard is designed to be on the move. Upon touching it, you’ll discern the robustness of the finish, which imparts a sense of durability, provided it’s handled with care. In terms of design, it exudes a sleek and captivating aesthetic.

To complete the ensemble, there’s the optional L-85 stand, which enhances an already outstanding keyboard, creating a harmonious blend that seamlessly integrates with your home decor.

What truly sets the Yamaha P45 Upgrade apart is its ability to replicate the feel of an acoustic piano while retaining the advantages of a digital one. The weighted keys on the lower end are noticeably heavier, mimicking the sensation of an acoustic piano. In terms of aesthetics, Yamaha has opted for an understated design, avoiding unnecessary embellishments and letting the piano’s performance speak for itself.

Weighted Keys

The weight and responsiveness of a keyboard’s keys play a pivotal role in your ability to master different playing techniques. These factors also determine how smoothly you can transition from a beginner’s keyboard to the nuances of a genuine acoustic piano. It’s no wonder that piano instructors consistently recommend opting for a beginner keyboard that offers a nearly authentic key-press experience, facilitating an easier adaptation to acoustic instruments. Yamaha has gone to great lengths to ensure that the Yamaha P45 Upgrade provides precisely such an experience.

One of the key measures they’ve taken is the incorporation of Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) technology, mirroring the characteristics of real acoustic pianos by varying the key weights. Towards the lower end, the keys exhibit a heavier touch, gradually transitioning to a lighter feel as you ascend the keyboard. This dynamic responsiveness accelerates your adaptation to acoustic pianos.

In addition to the GHS technology, the Yamaha P45 Upgrade is equipped with four sensitivity levels: Fixed, Hard, Medium, and Soft. This feature allows for versatile usage, making it accessible to both young and adult players. By adjusting the sensitivity levels, you can accommodate younger musicians or individuals with weaker hand strength, ensuring a comfortable and tailored playing experience for all.

Yamaha P45 Upgrade


One of the standout features on this keyboard that I truly appreciate is its dual reverb options, namely Hall 1 and Hall 2. You might wonder, what’s the significance of these features? Reverb plays a crucial role in enhancing the acoustic properties of sound within a room. It not only simulates sound reflections off the walls but also enriches the audio, resulting in a fuller and more natural sound, thus making your music listening experience even more delightful. These two reverb options bestow upon you the power to manipulate and refine the reflective characteristics of the sounds at your fingertips. Both Hall 1 and Hall 2 offer distinctive reverberations, and their settings are customizable, allowing for fine-tuning to your preferences.

Dual Mode

Another noteworthy feature is the Dual Mode, which adds an exciting dimension to your digital piano experience. This functionality enables you to blend two different voices or instruments within a single piano performance, adding depth and complexity to your music.


The absence of robust connectivity options in the older P35 model had become a limitation. However, Yamaha has rectified this with the introduction of an integrated USB port in the Yamaha P45. In this digital age, having USB connectivity is a significant advantage. It allows you to connect the keyboard to an iPad or computer, thereby expanding its functionality and customization possibilities. Additionally, you can utilize this port for recording and storing your musical creations since the keyboard lacks a built-in recording feature.

While the keyboard lacks a dedicated MIDI port, Yamaha recommends using a MIDI USB device to address this issue. With ample USB ports and flexible connectivity options, you can effortlessly integrate additional instruments, computers, or other devices into your piano setup. The single-button operation remains user-friendly, and the touch sensitivity ensures that you can navigate effortlessly without applying excessive force.

Brilliant Sound Quality

The Yamaha P45 is not only budget-friendly but also steadfastly maintains a high standard of sound quality. Firstly, it boasts a 64-note polyphony, a substantial upgrade from its predecessor, the P35 model. While 64 notes might seem limited to some, especially in the context of advanced pianos, it’s quite commendable within the price range of the Yamaha P45. In fact, it surpasses the capabilities of many other keyboards in the same price bracket. This 64-note polyphony ensures that you can effectively play intricate chords while using the sustain pedal without encountering any limitations.

Adding to its sonic prowess, the Yamaha P45 incorporates an advanced feature known as wave memory stereo sampling. This technology is responsible for generating lifelike stereo sounds, significantly enhancing the overall quality of your music productions. It contributes to creating a more immersive and authentic auditory experience, further establishing the Yamaha P45 as a formidable choice for budget-conscious musicians.

Yamaha P45 Upgrade


  • Featuring a pair of potent 6W speakers
  • Equipped with transpose and fine-tuning functions along with a metronome
  • Offers both Duo and Dual mode for versatile playing options
  • Provides a 64-note polyphony for enriched musical compositions
  • Utilizes AWM stereo sampling technology for high-quality sound
  • Offers four touch sensitivity settings for tailored playing dynamics
  • Comprises 88 fully-weighted keys for an authentic piano feel
  • Boasts ten instrument sounds to explore
  • Includes a collection of ten demo songs and ten preset keyboard songs
  • Offers versatile connectivity options with USB, headphone, and sustain jack compatibility


  • Robust and durable build
  • Remarkably responsive keys with excellent traction
  • Lightweight and easily transportable
  • User-friendly control interface
  • Comes with a selection of ten authentic voices
  • Incorporates advanced Wave Memory sampling technology for exceptional sound quality


  • Lacks track recording functionality
  • Does not feature an auxiliary output


Yamaha has taken significant strides towards crafting an ideal beginner’s piano with the introduction of the Yamaha P45 model. This instrument not only inherits and enhances the finest qualities from its predecessors but also fills in the gaps with essential components. As a result, the 88-key Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) piano stands as an exceptional option for both budding and progressing musicians seeking a keyboard that delivers an authentic acoustic piano experience like no other.