The Kawai ES110, an 88-key Digital Piano with Speakers, stands as a premier choice in today’s keyboard market. It surpasses its predecessor, the ES100, by offering a richer set of features. Opting for this keyboard ensures you’ll experience top-tier performance when playing, irrespective of your preferred music genre.

What sets the Best Kawai Digital Piano apart is its versatility, making it an ideal choice for musicians of all skill levels. Whether you’re a novice just beginning your musical journey or an experienced player seeking a high-quality instrument, this keyboard caters to your needs.

One of its standout attributes is its remarkable responsiveness, allowing for swift and precise playing. This quality enhances the overall playing experience, making it enjoyable even for those who tend to fatigue quickly during extended practice sessions.

To delve deeper into the capabilities and nuances of this exceptional keyboard, we’ve prepared an in-depth review to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of its features and performance.

Best Kawai Digital Piano


Light in weight

The Best Kawai Digital Piano boasts a remarkably lightweight design, even while incorporating numerous features. This portability ensures that you can effortlessly transport it from one location to another, eliminating the hassles typically associated with moving musical instruments of its caliber.

New speaker system

The Best Kawai Digital Piano showcases an innovative speaker system that elevates its sound production to a new level of excellence. This latest system delivers a truly exceptional auditory experience, setting it apart from its predecessor, the ES 100. When you play this instrument, you’re guaranteed high-quality sound that stands out in comparison to other keyboard models.

What’s even more remarkable is that this exceptional sound quality comes at an incredibly affordable price point, making it a cost-effective choice for those seeking top-tier musical performance without breaking the bank

MIDI jacks

This keyboard features MIDI jacks, facilitating seamless connections with a wide array of instruments, computers, laptops, and various other devices. Additionally, it includes audio line outputs, enabling easy connections to audio recorders or external speakers. Furthermore, the presence of two headphone jacks allows for shared listening experiences, accommodating parents, teachers, and even two individuals enjoying the music together.

Best Kawai Digital Piano

Integrated lessons

For aspiring learners, this keyboard stands out as an ideal choice for honing your skills. It comes equipped with integrated lessons designed to comprehensively instruct you in all aspects of playing. What sets these lessons apart is their user-friendly and straightforward nature, making the learning process significantly less stressful and more accessible compared to many other musical instruments.

For educators, these built-in lessons also simplify the teaching process, enabling instructors to guide their students in mastering the instrument quickly and effectively.

Key sensor

This keyboard incorporates a key sensor mechanism strategically positioned beneath the center of each key, distinguishing it from many other keyboards where the sensor is typically located at the tip of the keys. This unique sensor placement enhances the keyboard’s responsiveness, allowing it to react more swiftly compared to similar digital pianos in its class.

Harmonic imaging technology 

This technology elevates the keyboard’s performance by delivering an exceptional grand piano sound. It achieves this by meticulously sampling the nuances of the sound, resulting in a rich and authentic musical experience. In addition to its outstanding grand piano sound, the keyboard offers an impressive array of nineteen other high-quality sounds, including vibes, strings, electric pianos, choir, harpsichord, and more.


One of the remarkable features offered by this Best Kawai Digital Piano keyboard is the ability to play two distinct sets of sounds simultaneously using a single key. This means you can blend and harmonize different sounds, like pairing string and piano tones or combining organ and piano sounds, all within the same performance. This versatile capability not only enhances your musical performance but also amplifies your entertainment and enjoyment as you explore the myriad sound possibilities.


The Best Kawai Digital Piano, an 88-key Digital Piano with Speakers, boasts seamless Bluetooth connectivity. Its sophisticated Bluetooth technology seamlessly integrates with compatible smart devices, enabling efficient wireless communication. This feature enhances the keyboard’s efficiency, providing a high level of connectivity and convenience to users.

Song recorder of the Kawai

Furthermore, the keyboard is equipped with a built-in song recorder that allows you to capture and revisit your musical creations. The user-friendly three-song integrated recorder serves multiple purposes, whether it’s for self-evaluation, preserving moments of inspiration, or facilitating the learning process, particularly when honing your skills for a specific piece of music.

88 keys

TheBest Kawai Digital Piano boasts a full complement of 88 keys that offer a delightful and user-friendly playing experience. These keys are exceptionally soft and responsive, ensuring that the keyboard is a source of joy and comfort for players. Mastery of these keys is made significantly more accessible, with a gentler learning curve compared to some other keyboards on the market.

Best Kawai Digital Piano


During your performance, you have the remarkable ability to play two distinct instruments simultaneously using each hand on the keyboard. For instance, your left hand can effortlessly produce vibes while your right hand plays the piano. The keyboard’s innovative design allows you to achieve the captivating effect of a single player seamlessly performing two distinct instruments at the same time, adding depth and richness to your musical expression.

Duet mode

During your play, you have the capability to divide the keyboard into two separate pianos, both featuring an identical chromatic scale. This unique functionality enhances the keyboard’s suitability for piano lessons, as it simplifies the collaborative process between a teacher and student, facilitating effective and harmonious joint practice.

Has a transpose function

This outstanding function simplifies the process of harmonizing with a wide array of instruments, allowing for effortless musical collaboration.


The keyboard includes a versatile furniture stand and triple pedals, both of which offer adjustability for a comfortable playing experience whether you choose to play while standing or seated.


  • This keyboard offers a user-friendly experience for both beginners and seasoned players alike.
  • Its lightweight design enhances portability.
  • It boasts Bluetooth connectivity for added versatility.
  • Integrated lessons simplify the learning process.
  • The advanced key sensor enhances responsiveness.
  • Its speakers deliver flawless sound quality.


Compared to most other keyboard models, including its predecessor, the ES100, I wholeheartedly recommend this keyboard for players seeking a unique and exceptional playing experience. Its array of features transforms it into an integrated instrument capable of producing a multitude of sounds simultaneously. This versatility significantly reduces the need to invest in additional instruments for your musical enjoyment.

Furthermore, if you’re a player on the move, this keyboard is an ideal choice due to its lightweight construction. Its portability allows you to easily transport it to any location where you wish to play. Its compact size further adds to its convenience, making it suitable for various settings.

Notably, this keyboard offers exceptional value for money compared to other pianos in the market. Its affordability, coupled with its impressive capabilities, makes it an attractive choice for musicians looking to maximize both their budget and musical potential.