The Yamaha Ydp 184 is a remarkable addition to the successful Arius keyboard series from Yamaha Ydp 184. This instrument is equipped with professional features that are designed to enhance the music creation process for experienced pianists. Whether you are a professional musician or aspiring to take your music career to the next level, the Yamaha YDP-184 has everything you need. Let’s explore the features and capabilities of this fantastic device.


The popularity of the Arius series keyboards can be attributed to their exceptional acoustic sounds, and the Yamaha Ydp 184 continues this legacy. Despite its compact size, this keyboard produces acoustic sounds that rival those of more expensive digital pianos. Its impressive sound quality surpasses expectations, delivering a rich and immersive piano experience. TheYamaha Ydp 184 is designed to seamlessly integrate into various settings, whether it’s your home, studio, church, or live performances. Its compact design ensures that it doesn’t take up much space, making it a versatile and convenient choice for any musician.

Yamaha Ydp 184
Yamaha Ydp 184



The Yamaha Ydp 184 offers a vast array of voices, ensuring you never run out of options to explore. These voices have been meticulously recorded using high-quality instruments and enhanced digitally to ensure exceptional sound quality.

The standout feature is the CFX Premium Grand Piano voice, which captures the essence of the renowned Yamaha Ydp 184 Concert Grand Piano. The CFIIIS is revered as one of the finest concert grand pianos in the world and has been played by top pianists in prestigious performances. The YDP-184 utilizes Virtual Resonance Modeling and two microphones to capture the nuances of every note at various levels.

In essence, the Yamaha Ydp 184 boasts the finest grand piano voice available in any digital piano on the market.


The Yamaha Ydp 184 features keys made with synthetic ivory material, providing a tactile experience similar to playing a grand piano. The keys are designed with Graded Hammer 3 Action (GH3) to enhance responsiveness, resulting in a playing experience that closely resembles that of a grand piano. This is particularly beneficial for users who wish to transition from the YDP-184 to playing on a grand piano, as it helps in adapting to the instrument more easily.

The keys are also finished with a moisture-resistant material, ensuring a non-slip surface and allowing for extended playing sessions without any discomfort.

In our evaluation, we found the keyboard to be user-friendly and conducive for learning and practicing. The keys are appropriately spaced to prevent accidental note plucking, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced pianists alike.

LCD Screen

Unlike many other keyboards, the Yamaha Ydp 184 has its screen positioned on the left side of the keys instead of the center. While it may require some adjustment initially, once you become accustomed to its placement, using the screen becomes effortless. The screen is well illuminated and easy to read, providing clear visibility of the various features and settings of the keyboard. Below the screen, there are a few buttons and knobs that allow for convenient navigation through different settings. Additionally, you can explore and adjust the features and functions in real time without interrupting your current performance.

Recording Feature

The Yamaha Ydp 184 offers the convenience of recording your sessions directly on the keyboard and exporting them to a computer for further editing and enhancement. It comes with built-in recording software, eliminating the need to connect your computer every time you want to record. This feature allows you to pause, rewind, and play over your recording with additional sounds, adding creative possibilities to your music-making. You can also play back the recording to review your performance. It’s an enjoyable feature that enhances your musical experience.

The YDP-184 supports two-track recordings simultaneously, enabling you to record each hand on separate tracks simultaneously. This feature proves particularly useful during re-recording and playback of individual tracks, enhancing your recording and editing capabilities.


The Yamaha Ydp 184 features a USB port that allows you to connect the keyboard to a smartphone, supporting both Android and iOS devices. This enables you to utilize various music applications on your smartphone to enhance your musical experience.

The USB port also enables you to export and store your music digitally, saving space and providing convenience.

Additionally, the keyboard includes a 1/4″ audio jack, which is useful for practicing quietly at home without disturbing others. The audio jack delivers excellent sound quality, faithfully reproducing the keyboard’s performance. Furthermore, the built-in speakers are finely tuned to produce high-quality tones, sharp notes, and chords. If you desire more volume or a professional setup, you can connect the keyboard to external speakers or a studio set using the stereo inputs.

The Yamaha Ydp 184  offers extensive connectivity options, allowing you to connect it to any compatible computer, mixer, or music accessory. Its versatility makes it suitable for both home use and studio settings.


The Yamaha YDP 184 is designed with three pedals.

  1. The Yamaha YDP 184 includes a Half-Blow Pedal, also known as the Una Corda Pedal or Soft Pedal. This pedal allows you to soften the keys by moving the hammers forward, creating a gentle and mellow effect. It simulates the functionality of this common pedal found in upright and grand pianos, providing you with the opportunity to learn and practice before transitioning to a grand piano in the future.
  2. The Yamaha YDP-184 is equipped with a sustain pedal, which is considered the most crucial pedal in any piano. By pressing down the pedal, you can sustain specific notes, allowing for a rich and expressive performance. The sustain pedal can also be used to sustain subsequent notes, further enhancing the musicality and creating a captivating experience for both experienced pianists and music enthusiasts.
  3. The Yamaha YDP-184 includes a sostenuto pedal, which has a similar function to the sustain pedal. While the term “sostenuto” means sustain in Italian, Yamaha states that this pedal performs a slightly different function. However, many users of this keyboard have observed that the sostenuto pedal’s function is quite similar to the sustain pedal, with minimal differences that may even go unnoticed.
Yamaha Ydp 184
Yamaha Ydp 184


The dimensions of the Yamaha YDP-184 are as follows: Width: 57 1/2″ (1461mm), Height: 36 1/2″ (927mm), Depth: 18 1/16″ (459mm).

Weight: 123 lb, 7 oz (56 kg)

Number of keys: 88

Keyboard type: Graded Hammer 3 keys with synthetic ivory keytops

Touch sensitivity options: Fixed, Soft 2, Soft 1, Medium, Hard 1, Hard 2

Pedals: Three pedals included

Display: Full Dots LCD screen

Sound features: Damper resonance, string resonance, Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM), Smooth release

Effects: Six reverbs, three choruses, seven brilliance settings, eleven master effects

Additional features: Stereophonic optimizer, intelligent acoustic control

Song library: 14 voice demo songs, 50 preset classic songs

Tempo range: 5-500

Tuning: 414.8 – 440.0 – 466.8 Hz at approximately 0.2 Hz increments

Internal storage: 1.5 MB

Amplifiers: Two 30W amplifiers

Speakers: Two 16cm speakers

Power consumption: 20W with automatic power-off function

What does it come with?

The Yamaha YDP-184 includes a power supply, a padded leather bench, a sheet music book, and a music stand. These accessories are provided to ensure that you have all the necessary items to begin playing the piano as soon as you receive it.


The Yamaha YDP-184 is a highly recommended keyboard for both beginners and experienced pianists. It offers exceptional sound quality that sets it apart from other keyboards. For beginners, this keyboard provides a great platform for learning and mastering various techniques, and it can grow with you as your skills progress.

This means you won’t have to upgrade to a new unit as you become more proficient. For professionals, the YDP-184 has proven to be a valuable tool for studio recordings and live performances. Overall, the Yamaha YDP-184 is a worthwhile investment that delivers excellent value for musicians of all levels.