YAMAHA Yamaha Psr A3000 REVIEW

The Yamaha Psr A3000 is designed to offer a diverse range of sounds and styles. It features a joystick controller that allows for easy and expressive control over different musical parameters. The keyboard is equipped with filters and style track muting capabilities, enabling you to customize your music according to your preferences.

The panel scale tuner provides a convenient way to adjust and fine-tune the scales, allowing for unique and personalized tonalities. Moreover, the Yamaha PSR A-3000 offers expansion options, giving you the flexibility to enhance your instrument with additional features and accessories as desired.

Yamaha Psr A3000
Yamaha Mx88 Keyboard
Yamaha Psr A3000

Yamaha Psr A3000 REVIEW

The Yamaha Psr A3000 is a 61-key world arranger workstation that offers a wide range of voices and styles, catering to performers from various genres. This digital keyboard model is specifically designed to meet the needs of musicians in Arabic, Maghreb, Khaligi, Iranian, Turkish, and Greek music styles.

The PSR-A3000 boasts improved sound quality and aesthetics compared to its predecessor. It features a convenient joystick controller, audio link Multi Pads, and an intuitive interface, all of which contribute to enhanced expression and creativity. With the instrument’s capabilities, users can create and edit their own multi pads, adding a personal touch to their performances.

The keyboard offers a collection of authentic voices, equipped with tools that allow for more natural and realistic playing experiences. Additionally, Yamaha provides expansion pack data on their website, offering a wide selection of voices and styles that can be loaded onto the instrument. Users can also utilize the Yamaha Expansion Manager software to create custom packs for installation.

With real-time customized scale tuning and a scale set button, the PSR-A3000 provides the flexibility to change pitches and create custom scales, with the ability to save and recall settings for future use. The instrument is well-suited for live performances, featuring pitch bend and modulation wheels, as well as two assignable foot pedal inputs, which contribute to seamless control over voices, styles, effects, and other functions.

The introduction of DJ styles eliminates the need for continuous left-hand chord changes, offering a new performance concept that allows both hands to be free for live controllers and melody lines. Additionally, the PSR-A3000 offers impressive features such as time stretch and pitch shift, adding further versatility to your musical creations.


When considering the advantages of the Yamaha PSR-A3000, it becomes evident why this keyboard is favored by many musicians:

  • Improved Version: The Yamaha PSR-A3000 is an upgraded model that offers improved quality, sound, and appearance compared to its predecessor, the PSR-A2000.
  • Versatility: This keyboard is suitable for playing various types of music, as it provides access to a wide range of styles. It caters to the preferences of Middle Eastern musicians while also being suitable for Western music and genres like hip-hop. Additionally, the availability of expansion packs allows for the addition of high-quality sounds.
  • User-Friendly: The instrument’s technical aspects are easy to understand, making it accessible to musicians of different skill levels. Sequencing can be done quickly and efficiently.
  • Live Performance Ready: The Yamaha PSR-A3000 is designed for live performances, with features that cater to this purpose. It allows for easy solo use, and its ethnic sounds and styles are particularly popular among Middle Eastern musicians.
  • Convenient Recording and Playback: It enables direct recording of performances onto a USB drive, offering audio playback and recording functionality. Advanced audio playback and processing functions, such as slowing down or speeding up without pitch changes, pitch shift, and vocal cancel functions, enhance the recording experience.
  • Arpeggio Function: The addition of the arpeggio function provides access to a library of phrases, allowing musicians to enhance their performances with dynamic and rhythmic patterns.
  • Customizable Tuning: The keyboard offers scale tuning and scale setting buttons, providing flexibility in tuning options to suit individual preferences.

The advantages of using the Yamaha PSR-A3000 outweigh the disadvantages. Here are the key pros of this instrument:

  • One limitation of the Yamaha PSR-A3000 is that any song or style created using Super Articulation (S. Art!) and Mega Voices on this instrument may not be compatible with other instrument models. This means that if you try to play the created songs on instruments that do not have these specific types of voices, the playback may not sound accurate or may be distorted. It is important to consider this compatibility factor when sharing or transferring your musical creations.
  • It does not have a touch display.
  • There is not available bass inversion button. 

Product specifications:

  • Keyboard: The instrument features 61 keys with 128-note polyphony. The keys are categorized into organ and 5 touch response levels: Hard2, Hard1, Medium, Soft1, and Soft2.
  • Dimensions and Weight: The instrument measures 39.43″ x 17.18″ x 5.81″ (1002mm x 437mm x 148mm) and weighs 24lbs. 11oz (11.2 kgs).
  • Display: It is equipped with a 7-inch TFT color wide VGA LCD display, supporting five languages: English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian.
  • Voices: With 997 voices, including 107 Super Articulation (S.Art!) voices, 23 Mega voices, and various others such as Sweet!, Cool!, Live!, and Organ Flutes!, the instrument offers a wide range of expressive sounds. It also includes 58 drum/SFX kits and 480XG voices.
Yamaha Psr A3000
  • Styles: The PSR-A3000 provides 400 styles, consisting of 380 Pro styles, 10 Session styles, and 10 DJ styles.
  • Chord Fingering Types: The instrument supports various chord fingering types for style playback, including Single Fingered, Fingered, Fingered On Bass, Multi Finger, AI Fingered, Full Keyboard, and AI Full Keyboard.
  • Effects: It offers a comprehensive set of effects, including 52 preset reverbs, 106 preset choruses, 295 preset DSP effects, 5 preset Master compressors, 5 preset Master EQs, and 27 Part EQs.
  • Recording: The instrument supports quick recording, multi-track recording, and step recording. It is compatible with SMF (Standard MIDI File) format for playback and recording.
  • Storage: The internal storage capacity is up to 13 MB, and external USB flash drives can be used for additional storage.
  • Tone Generation: It utilizes AWM Stereo Sampling technology for high-quality sound reproduction.
  • DSP Effects: The instrument includes powerful DSP effects, such as Real Distortion and Real Reverb, to enhance the sound quality.
  • Power Supply: The PSR-A3000 comes with a 16V DC power supply.

Conclusion about the product

The Yamaha PSR-A3000 is a versatile instrument that caters to different cultures and musical preferences. It offers a wide range of professional sounds and provides ample room for expansion and customization.

With over a thousand voices, the instrument ensures a diverse selection of high-quality sounds. It also features real-time scale tuning, allowing users to modify the pitch and create unique scales. The variety of styles available further enhances the musical possibilities.

The built-in speakers deliver clear and powerful sound output, providing a satisfying playing experience. Additionally, the instrument introduces DJ styles, a fresh concept that adds excitement to performances.

The PSR-A3000 supports voice and style expansion packs, enabling users to personalize their instrument by adding new voices and styles according to their preferences. These expansion packs allow for a customized and unique musical experience.

For iPhone and iPad users, the chord tracker app is designed to analyze chord sequences from audio tracks, helping with practice and enhancing musical skills.

Overall, the Yamaha PSR-A3000 offers outstanding professional sounds, flexibility for customization, and useful features that cater to a variety of musical genres and cultural preferences.