Pianists are always on the lookout for the best available pianos. In our reviews, we have focused on the highly acclaimed and widely discussed Yamaha Piano U3 series. Produced by a reputable and dependable piano manufacturer, the Yamaha U3 series is a highly sought-after choice for music enthusiasts.

In this discussion, we will explore the different aspects, features, and distinctions among the various models within the Yamaha U3 series. As of 2020, the new Yamaha U3 has a price of approximately $15,000 and can be purchased from authorized Yamaha retailers. To explore our alternative recommendations, please click on the image below.

Yamaha Piano U3
Yamaha Piano U3


With numerous Yamaha Piano U3 owners expressing their satisfaction and providing positive reviews, it’s worth taking a closer look at what all the buzz is about.

1. Manufactured by a reliable company

All Yamaha pianos, including the Yamaha Piano U3 series, are manufactured in the renowned Hamamatsu factory in Japan. When you think of Japanese manufacturing, the word “quality” immediately comes to mind. While some Japanese products may come at a higher price, you can always expect exceptional quality. The Yamaha Piano U3 are no exception to this, as they are built with meticulous attention to detail and offer outstanding durability. There is simply no compromise when it comes to manufacturing and the longevity of these instruments.

2. Suitable for beginners as well as professionals

Although the Yamaha Piano U3 series pianos may be expensive, they are highly durable and of exceptional quality. While some may advise beginners not to invest too much initially, considering the long-term value and superior craftsmanship of the Yamaha Piano U3, it is indeed worthwhile for beginners to purchase them. Starting with a high-quality instrument from the beginning allows for a superior playing experience, as opposed to cheaper pianos that may produce muffled or uncomfortable keys. Investing fully in a piano within your budget is a wise decision.

The Yamaha Piano U3 is not only favored by professional musicians but also ideal in size for home use. It offers the same quality and desired results as a grand piano, making it a top choice among musicians. Esteemed artists like Marcus Dravs and Emeli Sande have purchased and practiced on the Yamaha Piano U3 series, further attesting to its popularity and reputation in the music industry.


The dimensions of the Yamaha Piano U3 are approximately 52 inches in width, 60 inches in height, and 26 inches in depth, or equivalently, 131 centimeters in width, 150 centimeters in height, and 65 centimeters in depth.


The Yamaha U3 series of pianos have garnered positive customer reviews worldwide, thanks to their durability, reliability, high quality, and reasonable pricing. These pianos are highly sought after for teaching and learning purposes, often being ordered by schools and music institutes. Without a doubt, we highly recommend this product.