When it comes to shopping for a Yamaha Piano Bench, what are the key factors you consider? We understand that finding the right piano bench is crucial for not only comfort, but also to ensure that you can perform at your best while playing the keyboard. With numerous options to choose from, it can be overwhelming and many people settle for less than ideal.

However, we are here to address this issue. After careful consideration of various important elements, we have identified three exceptional piano benches that any pianist would find indispensable. These benches are not only renowned for their features and specifications, but they have also been highly recommended by numerous piano players who have already used them.So, what are these outstanding piano benches and what sets them apart from the rest?

Yamaha Piano Bench


When it comes to shopping for a piano Yamaha Piano Bench, what are you looking for? We understand that finding the perfect Yamaha Piano Bench is crucial for not only comfort, but also for enhancing your performance on the keyboard. With so many factors to consider, it can be overwhelming, and many people end up settling for less. However, We are here to provide a solution to this issue that you are facing.After careful consideration of all the essential elements, we have identified three top-quality benches that any piano player would need. These benches have been chosen not only based on their features and specifications, but also based on reviews from numerous piano players who have already used them.

Among these Yamaha Piano Bench , the Yamaha PKBB1 Adjustable Padded Keyboard Bench stands out as arguably the best bench made by Yamaha, and it is also their best-selling keyboard bench. What makes this Yamaha Piano Bench so popular? Well, the PKBB1 bench offers a combination of sturdy construction and exceptional comfort. Unlike some other benches that may need to be replaced after a short time, this bench is built to last with its robust construction that can support a significant amount of weight.

One common challenge faced by many keyboard Yamaha Piano Bench manufacturers is finding the right balance between strength and comfort. Often, benches that are sturdy lack in comfort, making playing the keyboard feel like a punishment, with discomfort and pressure points. However, Yamaha has done an incredible job in improving the comfort of the PKBB1 Yamaha Piano Bench with its ultra-thick padding. The padding is designed to absorb pressure from your body, distributing the weight evenly, allowing you to spend hours on the Yamaha Piano Bench without developing painful pressure points.

Comfort is not only about padding, but also about the size and width of the seat. If you’ve struggled with a small Yamaha Piano Bench that makes you constantly worried about falling off, then the Yamaha PKBB1 is the solution. While it is a single-seat bench, it has been made wide enough to allow for movement and finding the right angle for optimal performance. You can easily change positions as needed, without any hindrance.

Height can also be a factor when it comes to finding the right keyboard Yamaha Piano Bench. One of the main reasons why the Yamaha PKBB1 is so popular is its adjustability. This Yamaha Piano Bench addresses the issue of height adjustment, which many people face. With the PKBB1 Yamaha Piano Bench , you can easily adjust the height to suit your specific needs. It can be adjusted to three different heights, ranging from 17.5″ to 19.5″, making it suitable for both adults and children. If you’re playing a keyboard that is positioned low, you can adjust the Yamaha Piano Bench to a lower height, allowing you to comfortably face the keyboard.

The best part is that you don’t need any screws or additional equipment to make adjustments. The Yamaha Piano Bench is equipped with a knob that allows for smooth and secure adjustments to your desired height. Once adjusted, the Yamaha Piano Benchwill stay in place, even under pressure (as long as it is within the recommended weight limit). This makes it ideal for heavy individuals who can play the keyboard without worrying about the Yamaha Piano Benchcollapsing.

If you often travel for gigs and find it challenging to transport a heavy Yamaha Piano Bench, the Yamaha PKBB1 is designed with portability in mind. While it is made with strong materials to ensure durability, it remains relatively lightweight for easy transport. According to Yamaha Piano Bench can support up to 250 pounds of weight, but it is still lightweight. To further enhance portability, the Yamaha Piano Bench is collapsible, allowing you to fold it flat for easier packing and carrying during travels.

Another crucial aspect of a keyboard bench is its finishing. While a bench may be comfortable and feature-rich, substandard finishing can be a deal breaker for many. After all, you’re likely to use the Yamaha Piano Bench on stage where all eyes are on you, so having a Yamaha Piano Bench with a sleek finish

Yamaha Piano Bench


  • Mastering Steel Construction
  • Compact and portable keyboard bench
  • Dimensions: 60cm (23.6 inches) in length, 30cm (11.8 inches) in width, and 50cm (19.7 inches) in height
  • Weight: 2.8kg (6.2 pounds)
  • Designed for use with Yamaha portable keyboards and digital pianos
  • X-style folding design for easy storage and transport
  • Cushioned seat for comfort during long playing sessions
  • Adjustable height with three different positions to accommodate players of different heights
  • Maximum weight capacity: 100kg (220 pounds)
  • Durable metal construction for stability and durability
  • Non-slip rubber feet for added stability during performance
  • Ideal for musicians on the go or for home practice sessions.


  • The keyboard bench features a compact and portable design, making it easy to transport and store.
  • Cushioned seat provides comfort during extended playing sessions
  • The height of the bench can be adjusted to accommodate players of different heights
  • Durable metal construction for stability and durability
  • Non-slip rubber feet for added stability during performance
  • Designed specifically for Yamaha portable keyboards and digital pianos
  • Suitable for musicians on the go or for home practice sessions


  • No storage space

In conclusion, despite the lack of storage space, the functional attributes of the Yamaha PKBB1 Adjustable Padded Keyboard Bench far outweigh this drawback, making it one of the most highly recommended keyboard benches available in the market.

Yamaha Piano Bench


The On Stage KT7800 Plus Padded Keyboard Bench is an exceptional product that delivers versatility to its users. This particular keyboard bench is suitable for home, studio, or gig use. However, that’s not the sole reason why it deserves to be on our list. The On-Stage KT7800 Plus Yamaha Piano Bench is packed with some of the best features available on the market, all at an incredibly reasonable price point.

This means you no longer have to gaze wistfully at superior Yamaha Piano Bench from afar, simply because you cannot afford one due to your career being in its early stages. The On Stage KT7800 Plus provides professional-grade services that can assist you in advancing your career.So, what can this Yamaha Piano Bench provide? 

One of the primary features of the On-Stage KT7800 Plus Padded Keyboard Yamaha Piano Bench is its exceptional level of comfort. The Yamaha Piano Bench  is equipped with a three-inch cushion that provides cozy support, enabling you to perform for extended periods without feeling any discomfort. Furthermore, the seat is broad enough to allow for comfortable angle and positional changes.

The On-Stage KT7800 Plus Yamaha Piano Bench  is also built to last, providing users with two significant benefits. Firstly, its robust construction ensures that it is incredibly durable, capable of lasting for years. With the added comfort of the three-inch cushion, this Yamaha Piano Bench will continue to offer premium services throughout its lifespan. Secondly, its sturdy design allows it to support substantial weight and pressure, accommodating up to 360 lbs.

The makers of this keyboard Yamaha Piano Bench recognize the importance of customizability, as different users have varying preferences regarding the height of the Yamaha Piano Bench in relation to the keyboard stand. To cater to this, the On-Stage KT7800 Plus bench comes with a knob that enables adjustability to four different heights, ranging from 19” to 25”. The bench is also equipped with locks to secure each chosen height position at 19”, 21”, 23”, and 25”.

The KT7800 Plus Yamaha Piano Bench is also designed with traveling musicians in mind. As a keyboard player, you are likely to be constantly on the move, performing in different towns and cities. A portable Yamaha Piano Bench is essential to ensure that traveling is as smooth as possible.

The On-Stage KT7800 Plus Padded Keyboard Bench is collapsible and relatively light, taking up minimal space in your trunk when packing for out-of-town gigs. Its collapsible and compact nature also makes storage effortless. Setting up the Yamaha Piano Bench before a performance is straightforward, and the bench can be easily adjusted to the desired height before being locked in place.

On Stage KT7800 Plus Features

  • The cushioning of the Yamaha Piano Bench is extra thick, measuring up to 3 inches.
  • The bench is adjustable to four different heights to accommodate users of varying preferences.
  • The Yamaha Piano Bench is capable of supporting a maximum weight of 360 lbs.
  • The bench features a seating pad that measures 12.5 inches by 23.5 inches, providing ample space for the user.
  • The Yamaha Piano Bench  has dimensions of 5 inches in height, 28 inches in width, and 15 inches in depth.
  • The bench is designed to fold flat, making it highly portable and easy to transport.


  • Comfortable seating
  • Adjustable height
  • Sturdy construction
  • Non-slip feet
  • Compact and portable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Versatile

The On Stage KT7800 Plus keyboard bench is an outstanding option, particularly if you’re beginning your music career. This Yamaha Piano Bench provides premium keyboard bench features at an affordable price, allowing you to enjoy both comfort and durability during long hours of performance.


The SONGMICS Adjustable Wooden Yamaha Piano Bench is a highly comfortable option for piano players. With its high-quality leather finish and 13-button design, it boasts both style and comfort.

The soft and thick cushioning adds to the overall comfort, making even long playing sessions a breeze. The duet size and leather nature of the Yamaha Piano Bench allow for extended playing sessions without discomfort.

Constructed of solid hardwood, this bench is extremely durable and heavy-duty. The wooden stands can be easily removed for moving or storage purposes. Additionally, there is a compartment between the stands and the leather top where you can store your musical equipment and books.

Despite its heavy-duty construction, this bench is adjustable. It can be moved from 18.5” to 22”, allowing players of different heights to find their preferred position. The black color and glossy finish make this bench a stylish addition to any setting, whether on stage or at home.

Adjustable Artist Piano Bench Features

  • The top of the bench is made of 100% premium genuine leather.
  • The bench is designed in a duet size, measuring 14 inches in depth and 27 inches in length.
  • The item weighs 34 pounds.
  • Adjustable height
  • Solid construction
  • Very sturdy legs are designe


  • Adjustable height
  • The finishing is excellent.
  • Comfortable seating


  • Expensive

The Adjustable Artist Piano Bench is a fantastic option, especially if you need a fixed piano bench. It provides outstanding comfort, and its exceptional finishing justifies its price. The Adjustable Artist Piano Bench ranks among the top piano benches ever manufactured.

Yamaha Piano Bench
Yamaha Piano Bench


  • ADJUSTABLE BENCH HEIGHT : This bench features dual side dials that allow you to adjust the height from 18.5” to 22.4”.
  • MUSIC STORAGE: The built-in music storage compartment provides a convenient and practical space to store sheet music, metronomes, or other accessories.
  • EXQUISITE DESIGN: The bench boasts an exquisite design featuring a resilient-cushioned seat with six decorative buttons that not only enhance comfort but also add to the bench’s aesthetic appeal. The bench can comfortably accommodate one person
  • SELECTED MATERIAL: The bench is constructed with sturdy and stable solid wood legs, ensuring safety and stability when sitting. The rubber pads on the feet prevent slipping and protect floors from scratches. The bench seat is made of high-quality PU leather, which is easy to clean with a damp cloth.The seat is resiliently cushioned and features six decorative buttons, providing both comfort and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: The assembly of this product is straightforward, and it comes with a detailed instruction manual and the necessary tools for assembly.


Piano benches play a crucial role for every pianist, and making the right choice is essential to ensure comfort and a successful performance. The three benches discussed above offer excellent options that combine comfort and durability. Instead of struggling to choose from a plethora of options, you can confidently select any of the three mentioned benches for a reliable and enjoyable piano playing experience.