The Yamaha Montage 7 is a synthesizer and music workstation designed for professional musicians and performers. It is part of the Montage series, which includes the Montage 6 and Montage 8 as well. The Montage 7 features 76 keys, making it a semi-weighted keyboard with aftertouch capabilities.

One of the key features of the Yamaha Montage 7 is its sophisticated sound engine, which combines AWM2 (Advanced Wave Memory 2) and FM-X (Frequency Modulation-X) synthesis technologies. This allows for a wide range of expressive and realistic sounds, including realistic acoustic instrument emulations, cutting-edge synthesizer sounds, and complex soundscapes.

The Montage 7 also has a powerful onboard sequencer and arpeggiator, allowing for complex music production and performance capabilities. It also includes extensive connectivity options, including USB audio/MIDI, MIDI in/out/thru, audio inputs/outputs, and an ethernet port for integration with computers and other devices in a music production setup.

Other notable features of the Yamaha Montage 7 include its large color touchscreen display for intuitive navigation and editing, its sturdy build quality, and its integration with Yamaha’s Music Production Suite software for further sound editing and customization.

Overall, the Yamaha Montage 7 is a professional-grade synthesizer and music workstation that offers a wide range of expressive sounds, powerful sequencing capabilities, and extensive connectivity options for musicians and producers who demand high-quality performance and production tools.

Yamaha Montage 7
Yamaha Montage 7

First Impressions

When comparing the three models in the Montage synth series, it’s clear that they share a similar design with buttons on the top panel and a central LCD screen. However, the Montage 8 stands out as it features a weighted balanced hammer action keybed, setting it apart from the other two synths that only have semi-weighted keys. While the Montage 7 also has semi-weighted keys, they perform well with slight resistance, and the overall build quality and design are premium.

The buttons on the panel are well-organized and have a premium appearance and feel, as expected from a high-end instrument. The knobs also have slight resistance, allowing for precise control over parameters. The overall design of the synth is attractive and exudes a premium vibe.

One notable addition to the Montage synths is the color touchscreen display in the middle of the panel, which is a departure from Yamaha’s usual reluctance to include touchscreens. While the touchscreen makes some functions easier, there are limitations. For example, it doesn’t provide full control over the knobs and sliders, requiring users to tap the desired control on the screen and then adjust it using the physical knobs.

This feels redundant and falls short compared to other cheaper machines like Krome and Korg Kronos, which offer full touchscreen control. Additionally, the “Home” function on the Montage takes users to the root page of the current sound being played, rather than the start page, which may require some getting used to. However, the touchscreen does allow for easy entry of values for certain functions, making tasks quicker and more efficient.

Overall, while the Montage synths share similarities in design, the Montage 8’s weighted balanced hammer action keybed sets it apart, and the touchscreen display, though with some limitations, adds convenience to its functionality.


The Yamaha Montage 7 boasts an impressive array of sounds thanks to its advanced synthesis technologies. The AWM2 (Advanced Wave Memory 2) and FM-X (Frequency Modulation-X) engines work together to produce a wide range of tones that cater to various musical styles and genres.

With AWM2, the Montage 7 offers realistic emulations of acoustic instruments such as pianos, guitars, strings, brass, and more. The sounds are sampled from high-quality sources and carefully crafted to capture the nuances of the original instruments, resulting in expressive and lifelike performances.

The FM-X engine takes a different approach, offering complex and evolving timbres through frequency modulation synthesis. This allows for unique and cutting-edge synth sounds, including futuristic pads, evolving textures, and intricate soundscapes. FM-X is known for its ability to create rich and evolving tones with complex modulations and harmonics, making it a powerful tool for sound design and experimentation.

Additionally, the Montage 7 includes a vast library of preset sounds covering a wide range of genres, including electronic, pop, rock, jazz, orchestral, and more. These presets can be easily tweaked and customized using the intuitive touchscreen display and the extensive sound editing capabilities of the Montage 7, allowing musicians to create their own unique sounds.

Overall, the Yamaha Montage 7 offers a diverse and extensive sound palette, ranging from realistic acoustic instrument emulations to cutting-edge synthesized tones, making it suitable for a wide range of musical applications and genres.


The Yamaha Montage 7 offers the convenience of recording 16 stereo audio channels directly into your computer, DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), or iOS device. One of the best parts is that it is class-compliant, meaning you won’t need to download or purchase any additional drivers for this purpose. The Montage 7 also provides full MIDI support via a USB connection for all 16 channels.

In addition to its recording capabilities, the Montage 7 can also be connected to guitars and microphones, expanding its versatility as a performance and recording tool. Furthermore, you can connect a line-level source to the A/D (Analog-to-Digital) input, allowing you to manipulate your samples with the built-in effects for added creativity and flexibility in your music production.

Yamaha Montage 7

Yamaha Montage 7 Specs

  • The dimensions of the Yamaha Montage 7 are as follows: Width: 1244mm (49 inches),Height: 131mm (5 3/16 inches),Depth: 396mm (15 9/16 inches).
  • The weight of the Yamaha Montage 7 is 17kg (37 pounds 8 ounces).
  • The Yamaha Montage 7 features a 76-key FSX keyboard.
  • The Yamaha Montage 7 is equipped with initial touch and aftertouch sensors on its keyboard.
  • The Yamaha Montage 7 has a polyphony of 128
  • The Yamaha Montage 7 has a multi-timbral capacity of 16 parts (internal) and also allows for audio input parts (A/D, USB) to be used as additional parts for greater versatility in sound layering and performance possibilities
  • The Montage 7 has 1.75GB user memory and 5.67GB preset wave memory.
  • The Montage 7 has a performance capacity of approximately 1900.
  • The Montage 7 features an extensive effects section, including 12 reverbs, 76 variations, and 76 insertions (A, B). It also has 15 master effects, a 5-band master EQ, a 3-band EQ for the 1st part, and a 2-band EQ for the 2nd part. These effects provide a wide range of options for sound manipulation and customization.
  • The Montage 7 features various controllers for sound manipulation, including a super knob, data dial, knobs, sliders, ribbon controller, modulation wheel, pitch bend wheel, AD input gain knob, and master volume.
  • The Montage 7 comes with a 7-inch TFT color wide VGA LCD touchscreen display.
  • The Yamaha Montage 7 includes a variety of connectors for connectivity options, such as USB to DEVICE, USB to HOST, MIDI, Foot Controller, Foot Switch, assignable output, balanced TRS jacks, 6.3mm balanced TRS output jacks, standard stereo phone jack, A/D input, and 6.3mm standard phone jacks.
  • The Yamaha Montage 7 features three types of tracks: Scene track, Tempo track, and 16 Sequence tracks.
  • The Yamaha Montage 7 allows for three types of recording: Real-time overdub, Real-time replace, and Real-time punch in/out.
  • The Yamaha Montage 7 has a note resolution of 480 ppq (parts per quarter note).
  • The tempo range of the Yamaha Montage 7 is 5 to 300 beats per minute.
  • The Yamaha Montage 7 has a capacity to store up to 64 songs.
  • The Yamaha Montage 7 has a power consumption of 27 watts.


In conclusion, the Yamaha Montage 7 is a powerful synthesizer that offers convenient recording capabilities with 16 stereo audio channels, without the need for additional drivers. Its class-compliant nature and full MIDI support make it easy to integrate with your computer or DAW. Additionally, the ability to connect guitars, microphones, and line-level sources provides versatility for sound manipulation and creative possibilities. Overall, the Yamaha Montage 7 is a versatile and feature-rich synthesizer that is suitable for professional music production and performance needs.