Yamaha has built a reputation for its rich legacy, craftsmanship, and innovative approach in creating musical instruments. The company has consistently delivered a wide range of top-quality professional audio systems and musical instruments. Among these impressive devices is the Yamaha MG12XU professional music console, which showcases Yamaha’s commitment to excellence. With its user-friendly interface and compact design, this mixing console is well-suited for various applications. Whether you’re performing live or working in a music studio, the versatility of this console makes it a perfect choice.

Yamaha Mg12xu
Yamaha Mg12xu


The MG series of musical instruments is Yamaha’s third installment, and it incorporates the most beloved features and technologies from its predecessors. The console has undergone subtle design improvements, resulting in a product that embodies excellence. By retaining and enhancing the technologies of the previous editions, Yamaha has created a console that excels in high-end professional performances. The Yamaha MG12XU is a 12-channel mixer that offers six mono XLR inputs, three stereo line inputs, and hybrid inputs measuring a quarter of an inch.


The MG12XU boasts a versatile interface that caters to a wide range of professional and personal applications. Whether you’re using it in a recording studio to create music or utilizing it for live performances to mix your music according to your preferences, this console is a perfect fit. With its solid construction and flexible design, the mixer console allows you to confidently shape and create your sound. You can rely on this console to consistently deliver high-quality music whenever you need it. These outstanding qualities have positioned the MG12XU as a leader in the world of music consoles.


The Yamaha MG12XU mixer features high-quality Class-A D-PRE microphone preamps, which are known for their superior sound reproduction that is both natural and clean. These preamps ensure that your microphones capture sound with exceptional clarity and fidelity. Unlike distorted and underpowered preamps, the transparent and distinctive D-PRE preamps of this mixer provide ample power and low impedance, resulting in a natural and well-balanced sound with smooth highs and natural bass.

With Yamaha’s D-PRE technology, your mixed music will have a pristine sound without any artificial enhancements or exaggerated components. This saves you time by eliminating the need to constantly tweak the EQ to compensate for poor preamp quality. The high-quality microphone preamps of the MG12XU ensure that you won’t have to worry about delivering subpar sound mixes, sparing you from potential embarrassment or dissatisfaction.


The Yamaha MG12XU mixer features compressors with a single knob, which provides convenient and easy-to-use dynamics control when mixing sound. This is particularly advantageous in live performances where time is limited and complex outboard units can be impractical to handle. Even in more relaxed sound mixing sessions, dealing with complicated control units can be time-consuming and unnecessary.

The compressors of the Yamaha MG12XU simplify the process by offering a single knob operation. With a simple twist of the rotary control, you can achieve punchier bass, livelier guitars, well-defined vocals, or tighter drums. This user-friendly interface allows you to quickly enhance and shape the sound according to your preferences without the need for extensive adjustments or technical expertise.

EQ Filter

The Yamaha MG12XU is equipped with a highly effective high-pass filter and EQ, which are essential tools for shaping sounds according to your needs and preferences. A powerful and efficient EQ is crucial for creating a successful sound mix, whether you’re eliminating unwanted frequencies or fine-tuning the sound to achieve perfection. The MG12XU offers individual equalizers for each mono channel, providing precise control over the overall tone and mix balance.

Additionally, the analog mixer features a high-pass filter that allows you to eliminate unwanted frequencies that may interfere with the mix. This ensures that you can achieve a high-quality sound without any undesirable discrepancies. With these advanced filtering capabilities, the Yamaha MG12XU empowers you to create a well-balanced and professional sound mix.


The Yamaha MG12XU analog mixer incorporates the SPX digital effects system, enhancing your music and adding a professional touch to your sound. This system offers a comprehensive collection of 24 digital effects that can be customized to suit your mixing needs. The mixer includes the renowned multi-effect digital processor from Yamaha’s SPX range, enabling you to deliver high-quality music and sounds, including reverbs, chorus, delay, flanger, phaser, auto-wah, and tremolo.

Additionally, you can access perfect pitch effects, various distortion sounds, and more. These sound effects contribute to consistently producing excellent sound mixing. Whether you’re performing live or in a studio, you’ll have a wide range of musical effects at your disposal, making it easy to create impressive performances for your audience.

The Yamaha MG12XU analog mixer console is equipped with high-quality op-amps that play a crucial role in achieving transparent and high-fidelity sound mixing. Inferior op-amps can negatively impact the tone and clarity of the sound mix, resulting in poor-quality music. To tackle this, the MG12XU incorporates the latest and enhanced MG01 op-amps, which surpass the quality of numerous counterparts in the music industry.These high-quality op-amps guarantee that the music and sound you produce will be of the highest caliber.

Yamaha prioritizes sound quality over efficiency or electrical design when designing the analog mixer and op-amps for the MG12XU. Their focus is on delivering pure and transparent signals, which is consistent with their approach across their range of musical instruments. Yamaha aims to preserve the integrity of your sound production without imposing their own musical signature. As a result, the MG12XU analog mixer provides a transparent, articulate, and natural sound quality.


In our review of the Yamaha MG12XU, we found that the effects produced by the mixer are natural and the highs are loud and clear. The sound quality of the MG12XU is attributed to its high-quality head amp. This new series of mixers is equipped with the MG01 op-amp, which is custom made and developed in collaboration with a semiconductor manufacturer. The inclusion of this high-quality op-amp enhances the overall sound performance of the Yamaha MG12XU.


The console incorporates an LED output meter with a peak indicator, allowing you to visually monitor signal levels. Additionally, it includes a Pre-Fader Listening (PFL) function, enabling you to monitor and meter individual channels on the console. Each channel offers independent power options and is equipped with pan and assignment controls, facilitating stereo or group recordings.

These critical features enhance the functionality and versatility of the Yamaha MG12XU analog mixer console.

  • The console features dedicated output channels for headphones and monitors, ensuring convenient monitoring options. Its sturdy metal chassis provides durability, allowing for reliable use even in demanding conditions. Weighing only 9.3 lbs or 4.2 kg, the Yamaha MG12XU music console is lightweight and portable, making it easy to transport and use in various locations for music production.
  • The unit has compact dimensions, measuring 308 mm (width) x 118 mm (height) x 422 mm (depth). This makes the console portable and easy to carry, allowing for convenient transportation between different locations.
  • The Yamaha MG12XU is a 12-channel mixing console that can accommodate up to 6 microphones and 12 line inputs. It features 4 mono inputs and 4 stereo inputs, providing versatile connectivity options for a variety of audio sources.
  • The Yamaha MG12XU console features 1 Stereo Bus and 2 Group buses, providing flexibility in routing and mixing. It is equipped with 2 AUX outputs, including the FX AUX, for sending signals to external devices or monitoring systems. The console utilizes the acclaimed D-PRE microphone preamps from Yamaha, known for their high-quality sound reproduction. It also incorporates a dynamics compressor with a single knob for easy control. The microphone preamps utilize an inverter circuit based on Darlington technology. The console incorporates the SPX sound effects control, offering a collection of 24 high-quality effects that can be customized to suit your needs.
  • The Yamaha MG12XU console is compatible with a wide range of devices, including iPads, computers, and USB camera adapters, allowing you to connect and create music seamlessly. The console operates on 48V power when fully functional.

The Yamaha MG12XU music console is designed with an internal universal power supply, allowing it to be used efficiently worldwide. It is equipped with high-quality high-pass and EQ filters, enabling you to create transparent sound and eliminate low-quality frequencies and discrepancies. The console also includes a USB connectivity port, allowing easy connection to computers and laptops for music production.


  • Item can become hot during heavy use, which is a common occurrence.
  • Some units may experience hissing issues. To learn more, click here to read MG12xu reviews.


The Yamaha MG12XU analog mixer console is highly versatile and compatible with a wide range of devices for music production. Whether you have a computer, laptop, tablet, or iPad, you can easily connect and use this console with any of them. The user interface is designed to work seamlessly with these devices, making it convenient and user-friendly for creating and mixing music. With this console, you don’t need expensive or high-end instruments to produce the music and sound you desire.

Yamaha Mg12xu


The Yamaha MG12XU analog mixing console is a remarkable musical instrument crafted by Yamaha, offering a plethora of exciting features. It is the perfect tool for showcasing your musical talents. Whether you’re mixing various genres of music or blending different sounds, this console will greatly assist you in achieving your desired results.