The Yamaha Dgx660 is the latest model in the series, succeeding its predecessor, the Yamaha Dgx660​. Building upon the success of the DGX-650, let’s explore the features and value of the upgraded Yamaha Dgx660, a remarkable digital piano for all your musical needs.

Musicians, as well as music enthusiasts, have an inherent appreciation for smooth and seamless sound. The ability of an instrument to blend harmoniously with the music is a crucial aspect of creating an enriching musical experience. Instruments can either enhance or hinder the overall quality of the music produced.

To create good music, it is essential to have good quality instruments that can deliver exceptional sound. Investing in a high-quality instrument is, therefore, a wise decision. In this regard, let’s delve into the functions of the Yamaha Dgx660 and how it can truly prove to be a worthwhile investment for aspiring pianists.

Yamaha Dgx660
Yamaha Dgx660


Before we delve into the Yamaha Dgx660, let’s first explore why playing the piano is such a valuable pursuit. Learning to play the piano is a challenging yet immensely rewarding experience. Numerous studies have shown that playing a musical instrument is highly beneficial for cognitive development. It requires discipline, passion, and determination, but the personal growth and satisfaction it brings are truly worthwhile. Playing an instrument, particularly the piano, allows for self-expression in a sophisticated and elegant manner, opening the doors to boundless possibilities.

When it comes to choosing the right piano, there are several factors to consider, especially for beginners. It’s important to invest in an instrument that offers an optimal learning experience and allows for growth and exploration. Among the many brands available, one stands out: the Yamaha Dgx660. Falling within the mid-range price category, this digital piano provides a close emulation of the sound produced by an acoustic piano, which is known for its high cost. Now, the question arises: Is the Yamaha Dgx660 a wise investment? Let’s find out.


The quality of sound is a crucial factor to consider when selecting a musical instrument. It is said that there is a distinction between music and noise – while music is pleasing to the ears and evokes emotions, noise is simply unpleasant. When choosing an instrument, the goal is to create beautiful music, not noise. The Yamaha Dgx660 excels in this regard. Despite its portable design, it boasts built-in high-quality speakers that deliver detailed and rich sounds. It promises the sound of a concert grand piano and lives up to that promise. When playing this piano, you’ll be amazed at how closely it resembles the sound of a real acoustic piano, especially when the right settings are applied.

Attention to detail is what brings out the nuances and subtleties in music. The ability of an instrument to blend and harmonize with other instruments lies in its ability to capture and reproduce these details. The Yamaha Dgx660 is capable of producing clean and clear sounds while allowing the user to control the sound in a way that suits their preferences. This versatility enables the instrument to be used across various genres. Furthermore, the user has great control over its responsiveness, enhancing the learning experience and providing a sense of enjoyment for the player.


The Yamaha Dgx660 is equipped with an 88-key weighted hammer action, known as “graded hammer standard” or GHS, which adds richness to its playing experience by replicating the feel of an acoustic piano.This feature enables aspiring pianists to develop proper finger technique and strength, as the instrument closely emulates the capabilities of an acoustic piano. Practicing on the DGX 660 is a convenient way to build skills.

Although an acoustic piano offers the highest level of performance, the DGX 660 comes remarkably close in replicating its sound. The keyboard feel is satisfying, with lighter keys in the higher notes and heavier keys in the lower notes. The instrument allows for an intensity of sound that can make practice sessions as enjoyable as actual performances. It is a great instrument for rehearsal purposes.

Yamaha Dgx660 provides additional convenience through a variety of downloadable apps that are compatible with the DGX 660, allowing users to connect their mobile devices to the instrument. This connectivity expands the creative possibilities and maximizes the features of the DGX 660. For example, the Damper Resonance feature reproduces sympathetic vibrations to replicate the sound of an acoustic piano.

The DGX 660 also features an LED screen, enhancing usability and adding a sense of fun, particularly beneficial for beginners who are getting familiar with the instrument. The DGX 660 is a versatile instrument that offers two modes: piano and organ. Exploring these modes simultaneously adds complexity and allows for the creation of unique and interesting sounds.

The Yamaha Dgx660 offers two additional modes that add to its versatility: Split Mode and Duet Mode. Split Mode allows users to divide the keyboard and play two different instruments simultaneously. It’s a fun feature that encourages experimentation with different sounds and settings, enhancing the overall playing experience. For more skilled pianists, it’s even possible to play different instruments with each hand, fostering creativity. On the other hand, Duet Mode is particularly useful for beginners. It splits the keyboard into two identical halves, essentially creating two separate keyboards. This mode helps beginners familiarize themselves with the instrument and explore various features and combinations.

The responsiveness and adaptability of the Yamaha Dgx660 to the user’s environment are noteworthy. The sound and effectiveness of a musical instrument can be greatly influenced by the surrounding environment. Some instruments struggle to stand out in noisy environments, while others may lack the power to deliver rich sounds in busy settings. The DGX-660, however, allows users to adjust and adapt to their specific environment, ensuring optimal performance and sound quality. This capability enables the instrument to be in tune with the surroundings, enhancing the overall playing experience.


  • The GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) keyboard provides heavier weighting in the low end and lighter weighting in the high end, resembling the feel of an acoustic piano.
  • It includes a microphone input for convenient audio input.
  • The keyboard also offers wireless capabilities and MIDI functionality, allowing audio streaming to and from your iOS device via WiFi.
  • You can connect and use a pedal to control various functions.
  • The keyboard supports USB audio recording and playback, allowing you to capture your performances on a USB drive.
  • It features an impressive concert grand piano sound.
  • With 88 weighted keys, it provides a realistic playing experience.
  • The screen is designed for easy readability

The Yamaha DGX-660 features a microphone input on its control panel, allowing users to adjust the microphone level to their preference and optimize it for their environment. The instrument is highly customizable, offering options to adjust tuning and sensitivity to suit the user’s specific needs and location. One standout feature is the “style recommender,” which analyzes the user’s playing style and automatically matches a backup band that complements the chosen style or genre. This makes the DGX-660 adaptable for various situations like open mic sessions or jamming.

The Yamaha DGX-660 is equipped with the Pure CF Sound Engine, developed by a renowned piano maker with expertise in state-of-the-art sampling technology. This engine ensures that the instrument delivers a world-class concert grand piano sound, capturing rich dynamics and full expressiveness.

In terms of its physical build, the DGX-660 leans towards the heavier side but remains portable with manageable effort.It is available in an elegant black color. While assembly may require some effort, the manual provides guidance, making it feasible for individuals. Despite its weight, the instrument is durable and can withstand regular travel, provided it is not subjected to excessive rigors. Overall, the Yamaha DGX-660 is an appealing choice for aspiring pianists, particularly during practice sessions, as it offers a fun and enjoyable playing experience.

Yamaha Dgx660
Yamaha Dgx660

For additional information:  Digital pianos offer several advantages over acoustic pianos. Firstly, they are more affordable compared to acoustic pianos, making them a practical choice for beginners or casual players. Digital pianos also have the advantage of portability, allowing musicians to easily transport them for gigs or rehearsals.

One significant advantage is the ability to connect headphones to a digital piano, enabling players to practice quietly without disturbing others. This feature is particularly useful for late-night or shared living situations. Additionally, digital pianos can be connected to computers and other devices, allowing for integration with various software applications and educational tools. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for learning, recording, and expanding musical creativity.

Another advantage is that digital pianos do not require regular tuning and maintenance like acoustic pianos. This eliminates the need for professional tuners and reduces long-term costs. Digital pianos also offer a wide variety of sounds and effects, allowing musicians to experiment with different tones and styles.

While acoustic pianos are still renowned for their highest quality sound and touch, they can be expensive and take up significant space. For beginners or casual players, a digital piano provides a practical and cost-effective alternative without compromising on the quality of practice. If a beginner later becomes a serious pianist, they can always transition to an acoustic piano. However, a high-quality digital piano like the Yamaha DGX 660 offers versatility and the opportunity for aspiring pianists to develop their skills and strive for better musicianship.


The Yamaha Dgx660 is renowned for its versatility, making the learning process enjoyable and engaging. It serves as an excellent instrument for jamming, collaborating, and connecting with fellow musicians. Playing music together not only enhances musical skills but also fosters friendships and allows for the development of personal musical styles.

Music is a fundamental part of life, and sharing it with others is a gratifying experience. The Yamaha Dgx660 is a perfect choice for enthusiastic learners and individuals who play the piano for leisure and enjoyment. Its features and capabilities encourage exploration, creativity, and the expression of one’s unique musical voice. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, the Yamaha Dgx660 provides a platform for personal growth and musical fulfillment.