For decades, Yamaha has been at the forefront of digital instrument technology, offering a wide range of specifications and controls. The Yamaha CP-300 is a professionally designed stage piano featuring an improved 88-key Graded Hammer effect key action. Its genuine sound quality is sure to impress audiences. The CP-300 is perfect for music studios due to its outstanding digital capabilities. In this review, we will provide an overview of the Yamaha CP-300.

Yamaha Cp300
Yamaha Cp300

Yamaha Cp300 OVERVIEW


The sound produced by the Yamaha CP-300 is exceptional, providing an authentic and genuine acoustic piano sound. The keyboard also features rotary speakers, commonly referred to as Leslie speakers, that can mesmerize any audience. The Yamaha piano’s sound quality is renowned for being clear and high-quality, making it an excellent choice for grand stage performances. The stage mode on the Yamaha CP-300 is designed specifically for live performances, making it the perfect instrument for a stage band concert.


The Yamaha CP300 comes with a variety of built-in voices, including multiple types of pianos, guitars, organs, drum kits, and many others.


The Yamaha CP300 offers incredible reverb and chorus effects that can be added to your sound, along with delay to enhance definition and intensity of your voice.


The Yamaha CP300 comes with a built-in 16-track sequence that allows you to record your performance by recording both the left and right hand parts separately. With its remarkable specifications, the piano enables you to layer different voices together while playing. You can record multiple tracks and sounds, and use the edit feature to create original compositions. The system also allows you to play back your recordings with the original voices. If you’re looking for a piano to practice and rehearse on, the Yamaha CP300 is an excellent choice.


The Yamaha CP300 also includes a performance feature, which is one of the key factors that make this digital keyboard so efficient. This function is incredibly helpful and useful, as it saves all of the data and settings for your work, ensuring that nothing is lost. Whether you’ve recorded your own voice or another instrument, the performance feature has got you covered. This option is amazing for keeping all of your work safe and organized in one place.


The Yamaha CP300 offers overall adaptability with its MIDI in, out, and thru jacks provided.

Full Controls

The Yamaha CP300 is equipped with various actions such as pitch and modulation wheels, multiple pedal inputs, and zone sliders, which provide ample control over the sound.


The Yamaha CP300 offers the same level of pedal control as an acoustic piano with its four pedal inputs, including a foot pedal

Built-in stereo speakers

The speakers have a dedicated button to turn them on and off.


This digital piano also offers a five-band Master EQ with slider controls as an option.

Panel Lock

The panel lock feature is a useful option that ensures your settings remain secure and prevents any accidental changes.

Balance Outputs

The Yamaha CP300 is equipped with balanced XLR outputs, which allow you to easily connect the keyboard to any sound system.

USB Port

The addition of a USB port allows for easy connection to everyday electronics like laptops and computers, making it simple to record and create performances.


The piano also features an automatic power-off function.

Yamaha Cp300


In conclusion, The Yamaha CP300 is a premium stage piano that offers a range of features and capabilities designed to meet the needs of professional musicians. One of the standout features of the CP300 is its rich and authentic piano sound, which is achieved through Yamaha’s advanced sound technology and sampling techniques. With 128-note polyphony and a range of piano voices, the CP300 is able to produce a wide range of expressive and nuanced sounds, making it a versatile tool for any performance or recording situation.

In addition to its impressive sound capabilities, the CP300 also includes a range of performance features designed to enhance the playing experience. For example, the keyboard includes a range of adjustable touch sensitivity settings, as well as a damper resonance effect that adds realism and depth to the piano sound. The CP300 also includes a range of effects such as reverb, chorus, and EQ, as well as a built-in mixer that allows musicians to control the levels of different sounds and effects.

Another strength of the CP300 is its connectivity options. The keyboard includes a range of input and output ports, including MIDI, USB, and audio outputs, making it easy to integrate with other devices and software. This makes the CP300 a versatile tool for both live performance and studio work, allowing musicians to record and produce high-quality piano tracks with ease.

While the CP300 is a powerful and versatile instrument, there are some potential drawbacks to consider. For example, the keyboard is relatively heavy and can be difficult to transport, which may make it less suitable for musicians who need to move their equipment frequently. Additionally, the CP300 is a high-end instrument with a correspondingly high price point, which may make it less accessible for musicians who are just starting out or who are on a tight budget.

Despite these potential drawbacks, the Yamaha CP300 remains a popular choice for professional pianists and keyboardists who are looking for a premium instrument that delivers exceptional sound and performance capabilities. With its rich and authentic piano sounds, versatile performance features, and flexible connectivity options, the CP300 is a reliable and essential tool for any musician who values quality and performance.