Williams, a renowned brand in the digital piano industry, presents the Williams Symphony Grand Digital Piano, a refined and affordable instrument. This micro piano features 88 keys with graded hammer action, providing a realistic sound and feel. Its luxurious gloss finish adds an elegant touch to its appearance.

The key-bed of this piano sets a new benchmark for authentic response and playability, offering an exceptional playing experience. Along with its sleek design, the Williams Symphony Grand Digital Piano comes with a range of unique features that make it truly outstanding and remarkable.

Williams Symphony Grand Digital Piano
Williams Symphony Grand Digital Piano

General Body Structure

The Williams Symphony Grand Digital Piano is an inspiring musical instrument designed in an elegant and unique style, making it a visually appealing addition to any setting, be it a home, church, school, and more. Its beautiful shape and enclosed piano lid give it the appearance of an acoustic grand piano, complete with an ebony finish that seamlessly blends with any decor.

This digital grand piano offers expressive control over rotary and vibrato effects on select instruments, and its intuitive control panel features a blue LCD display for easy navigationWith 120 Style Arranger songs, the MX88 allows for real-time performance, while the graded-hammer action weighted keys deliver an authentic response and playability.The piano also boasts rich and detailed piano sounds, further enhancing the musical experience.

Williams Symphony Grand Digital Piano Sound Productions and Special Effects

The Symphony Grand Digital Piano by Williams Symphony Grand Digital Piano offers an impressive selection of 174 voices, totaling approximately 192MB of ROM samples. Among these voices, 46 are exclusive to Williams and come from their high-definition custom sound library. The remaining 128 voices are general MIDI sounds also from the custom sound library. This library includes samples from Italian grand pianos, vintage electric pianos, and organs, providing a diverse range of high-quality sounds.

With its 128-voice polyphony, the Symphony Grand allows for natural and seamless playing without notes being abruptly cut off.Additionally, the MX88 offers 120 Styles across various genres for real-time playback. These Styles include intros, fills, variations, and endings, enhancing interactive performance and providing a dynamic musical experience.Users have the flexibility to create keyboard splits, layers, and transpose to any desired key.

The Symphony Grand Digital Piano takes sound realism to the next level with its realistic effects. It includes adjustable sustain pedal noise and key release noise, replicating the natural sounds produced by a real piano. The specially designed sustain layer also reproduces sympathetic resonance when the sustain pedal is used, further enhancing the authenticity of the instrument’s sound and feel. Moreover, the Mod/FX feature provides authentic rotary effects for organs and vibrato effects for electric pianos.

To ensure optimal audio quality, the Symphony Grand features a six-speaker stereo sound system, ensuring that every note is reproduced with richness and clarity. These unique features have been incorporated to deliver exceptional sound quality and an immersive playing experience.

Other Features and Specifications

The Williams Symphony Grand Digital Piano sets itself apart as a modern instrument with its meticulously designed features. One of these features is the Bluetooth bi-directional MIDI connectivity, allowing seamless wireless connection to computers, smartphones, and tablets. This eliminates the need for expensive cables or adapters, as you can simply pair your devices with the Williams Symphony Grand Digital Piano to achieve the desired functionality.

Furthermore, the piano is equipped with a USB Host port, enabling you to play MIDI files directly from a USB thumb-drive. This convenient feature allows for easy access to your favorite music without the need for additional equipment. Additionally, the built-in two-track recorder provides a simple and effective way to capture your performances, allowing for review and analysis.

In terms of connectivity, the Williams Symphony Grand Digital Piano offers MIDI input/output, stereo 1/4″ and RCA audio inputs for devices such as MP3 players, and outputs for audio amplification. It also includes a headphone jack for private practice and immersive playing experience.

These connectivity options enhance the versatility and usability of the piano, providing seamless integration with various devices and expanding its functionality for different musical needs.


The Williams Symphony Grand Digital Piano is not only designed for musical enjoyment but also for learning and education. It features a unique song tutor function that provides lessons for a variety of musical genres, including classical, rock, and blues. This allows users to learn and master different styles of music on the grand piano.

In addition to the built-in song tutor, Williams has partnered with McCarthy Music to offer cloud-based piano education. This collaboration provides access to a vast online music library suitable for all skill levels, offering comprehensive lessons and resources to enhance your piano playing skills.

To further support learning and practice, the Symphony Grand Digital Piano is equipped with an onboard metronome. This essential tool helps players develop a precise sense of timing and tempo, allowing for more accurate and rhythmic performances.

With its elegant design, superior sound quality, durable construction, and impressive features, the Symphony Grand Digital Piano is an excellent choice for music students, home performances, personal use, churches, schools, and more. Experience the joy of playing this exceptional instrument by acquiring yours today.