WHAT IS THE Roland Vr 09

The Roland Vr 09 is a digital stage keyboard designed for live performance. It features a wide range of high-quality sounds, including piano, organ, synth, and other classic keyboard sounds, as well as a variety of effects and performance features. The keyboard also includes a built-in rhythm section and MIDI connectivity, making it a versatile tool for both live performance and studio work. It is designed to be lightweight and portable, with a compact and intuitive interface that allows musicians to quickly access the sounds and features they need on stage.

  • The instrument’s weight slightly exceeds 12 pounds.
  • The 61 synth-action keys have a relatively low stiffness, but the overall tactile experience surpasses initial expectations. Interestingly, the keys that possess a higher level of stiffness are advantageous when playing electric or acoustic piano programs.
  • A solitary mode boasts a polyphony of 128 voices.
  • The instrument comprises three sections: Piano, Organ, and Synth, accompanied by a Drum section. A total of 223 programs are meticulously arranged within these sections. The dedicated level control for each individual and section is exceptionally useful when splitting or layering sounds.
  • Each section includes categories that encompass a diverse range of programs. Notably, each category remembers the most recently selected program within it.
Roland Vr 09
Roland Vr 09

FEATURES Roland Vr 09

The Roland Vr 09 V-Combo Organ offers 25 banks of 4 registrations that allow users to save and quickly recall data. Whole programs, split, and dual programs can all be saved as registrations, providing an easy way to recall customized sounds. Additionally, a USB pen drive can be used to store and recall more registration sets. A recent software update now permits the storing of individual registrations.

Organ types such as Jazz, Transistor, and Rock can be selected using dedicated controls, while the drawbar control is used for toggling percussion and switching the Chorus/Vibrato on or off Switching from the upper manual to the lower manual.

The organ mode offers quick firing functionality for retriggering and rebounding notes, as well as faithful glissandos.By diving into the menu, one can extensively edit programs such as Chorus/Vibrato, Leakage Noise, Percussion, LF Cut/Boost, Key Click, and Rotary effect.

The Piano mode includes 4 categories, with acoustic samples boasting 11 programs, 10 programs for E and Clav, 9 programs with 6 basic EPs and 3 80’s type for Piano.Additionally, In addition, there are 20 more programs that offer a range of sounds such as Accordion, Harmonicas, Harp, Musette, Harpsichords, and various other sampled organs, among others. The set also features the classic patch of the D-50 Fantasy.

The Synth mode has eight banks, including Brass with 20 programs, mostly synth with some sampled, Synth Lead with 42 programs, Bass with 22 programs, mostly synth with some sampled,The instrument features a Pad section with 19 programs, a Choir section with 13 programs, an SFX section with 16 programs, and 15 additional programs that offer a unique blend of Marimba, Guitars, Vibes, Glock, and some woodwinds.Pressing a random pair of category buttons allows for layering, while the Split buttons from the Organ or the Synth section can be used for splits. The Synth Split mode can trigger drum sounds.

The tape-style controls make it easy to record real-time drum performances, while the Looper function allows for overdubbing multiple parts. Keyboard parts can be recorded with Looper while pre-programmed rhythm loops are playing.

The Roland Vr 09 V-Combo Organ is GS/GM2 compatible, but only some of the channels of the 16 MIDI can be accessed.

A total of seven effects can be used at once, with only the upper sounds experiencing effects in Split mode, while both sounds experience the same effects in dual mode. The knob controls provide dedicated effects, with Overdrive for amount, Tone for boost, Delay for time, Reverb for depth, and Compressor for threshold.

The 6 types of Delay, 8 types of Wall, and 6 types of Reverb can be changed with the menus that appear on the display while adjusting the knobs of Delay and Reverb.

The MFX knob applies an additional effect, including Flangers, Phasers, Pitch Shifter, Chorus, T-wahs, Tremolos, and contemporary sound mangling effects such as Distortion, Slicer, and Bit Crash.

The pitch can be controlled with the D-Beam, and users can brake the rotary and tone wheel to create modulation effects and trigger any SFX sound. The TRS or the Damper pedal jack and an Expression pedal can be used to handle different functions.


  • The Roland Vr 09 V-Combo Organ can be wirelessly connected to an iPad using the dedicated iPad editor software.
  • The Roland Vr 09 V-Combo Organ can operate on battery power for up to 5 hours.
  • The product is lightweight and also affordable.


  • The Roland paddle is used for modulation control, but it needs to be physically held up to engage it
  • When selecting new sounds, the previous ones are cut off.
  • Accessing custom programs is not quick and easy.


In conclusion, the Roland Vr 09 is a versatile and portable digital stage keyboard that offers a range of high-quality sounds and performance features. While there are some potential drawbacks to the keyboard, such as limited sound customization, the Roland Vr 09 remains a popular choice for musicians of all skill levels who are looking for a reliable and easy-to-use tool for live performance and studio work. Overall, the Roland Vr 09 is a solid option for anyone in need of a lightweight and versatile stage keyboard.