Korg has established itself as a reputable brand over the years, offering affordable yet unique instruments. Their digital pianos, in particular, stand out with their impressive features that rival even higher-priced keyboards.

The Korg SP 170S is an upgraded version of its predecessor, the Korg SP 170. While the difference may seem subtle in the naming, the performance of these two instruments sets them apart. The Korg SP 170S retains all the exceptional qualities of the SP 170 while introducing further enhancements and new features. These improvements have significantly elevated the overall performance of the keyboard.

Although the Korg SP 170S may not offer an extensive range of features compared to some higher-end keyboards (which is expected given its price range), it does provide everything you would expect from a keyboard, and even includes a few extras.

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Korg Sp 170
Korg Sp 170

First Impressions

One noticeable change in the Korg SP 170S is the addition of buttons on the keyboard’s panel. Unlike its predecessor, the SP-170, which had no buttons, the inclusion of buttons in the SP 170S may disappoint those who appreciated the simplicity of the previous model. However, Korg has limited the number of buttons to four: a volume knob, a power button, sound buttons, and a piano play button. These buttons prove useful for controlling and accessing the various functions of the keyboard, especially for users who found it challenging without dedicated buttons.

Apart from the addition of buttons, the overall appearance of the SP 170S remains similar to the Korg SP 170. It maintains a simple yet elegant design that encompasses all the essential elements required for a decent performance.

In terms of the keys, Korg continues to utilize their natural hammer action technology, which is a hallmark of their entry-level keyboards. With the SP 170S, they have made refreshing improvements to the hammer technology, resulting in even better performance. The keys offer a sturdy response that surpasses many competing keyboards. They also provide a graded response, with a heavier feel in the bass area and a lighter touch in the upper registers.

Korg has excelled in replicating the response of acoustic instruments in their keyboards, and this expertise extends to their entry-level models, including the SP 170S. This commitment to delivering advanced technology in affordable keyboards sets them apart.


Unlike the common perception of entry-level keyboards having cheap and poor sound quality, the Korg SP 170S defies this stereotype. Korg has incorporated their stereo sampling technology into this keyboard, resulting in rich and realistic sounds. The SP 170S replicates the sounds of higher-end pianos in the market, providing an excellent opportunity for beginners and budget-conscious musicians to work with a keyboard that not only facilitates learning but also delivers exceptional sound quality. Few entry-level keyboards can match the sound quality of the SP 170S.

With 120-note polyphony, the SP 170S ensures sustained notes are not abruptly cut off, emulating the behavior of acoustic instruments. This extended polyphony allows for advanced performances, even when playing complex passages and high notes, significantly reducing the occurrence of dropped notes.

When using the stereo mode, the polyphony drops to 60, which is still sufficient considering the affordable nature of the instrument.

The Korg SP 170S offers a wide variety of sounds to choose from. Korg has recorded and enhanced sounds from their high-end synths and pianos, making them available in this instrument. Beginners will enjoy experimenting with these diverse sounds.

To ensure the quality of the sounds is not compromised, the SP 170S is equipped with an impressive speaker system. This ensures excellent clarity and an immersive experience. The speaker system in the SP 170S represents a significant upgrade from its predecessor, which often required external speakers to achieve optimal sound quality.

The SP 170S features two oval speakers, each measuring 5cm by 10cm, offering valuable improvements in tone and resonance. If a larger sound is desired for performances to a larger audience, the keyboard can be connected to an amplifier and speakers. However, for private practice, the SP 170S includes two headphone jacks, allowing you to practice without disturbing others. These headphone jacks also enable student-teacher practice sessions, where piano lessons can be conducted at any time without relying on the loudspeaker system. The dual headphone jacks also facilitate duet performances, offering convenience and flexibility.


  • Dimensions: Width of 1312mm (51.65”), Depth of 325mm (12.8”), and Height of 144mm (5.67”)
  • Weight: 12kg (26.45lbs)
  • 88 keys covering the range from A0 to C8
  • Weighted Hammer Action Keyboard (NH) for a realistic piano feel
  • Three levels of touch control: Light, Standard, and Heavy
  • Stereo Sampling Sound system for enhanced audio quality
  • 120 notes polyphony (reduced to 60-notes when using stereo mode)
  • 10 available sounds, including two piano tones, two electric piano tones, one E. Clavichord, Harpsichord, Pipe Organ, Vibraphone, electric organ, and strings
  • 10 demo songs for practice and inspiration
  • Chorus and reverb effects to add depth and ambiance to the sound
  • Pitch control for adjusting the overall pitch of the instrument
  • Key transpose function for transposing the keyboard to different musical keys
  • DC 12V power supply for convenient and reliable power
  • Power consumption of 9W
  • Inputs/Outputs include damper pedal connection, two-line output/jacks for headphones, and MIDI output for connecting to other MIDI-compatible devices
  • Equipped with two 9W speakers, each measuring 10cm by 5cm, for clear and balanced sound reproduction.
Korg Sp 170
Korg Sp 170


  • The keyboard is an ideal option for musicians who have limited space. Its compact design allows it to fit in tight spaces, and it is also lightweight and easy to assemble and dismantle, making it a portable unit
  • The Korg SP-170S is an affordable entry-level keyboard, making it an ideal option for learners who have limited finances.
  • The Korg SP-170S offers excellent sound quality, which is a significant advantage considering its affordable price. Users can enjoy both affordability and good performance with this keyboard.
  • The Korg SP-170S also features uniform graded touch response, providing an ideal platform for practice.


  • One significant drawback of the Korg SP-170S is the lack of a full housing unit and sustain pedal. While it is designed for home use, the keyboard does not come with a stand or the necessary two-pedal unit to make it a complete and fully functional digital keyboard. This means that users would need to purchase these accessories separately, which could incur additional costs. As a result, some users may reconsider and choose a slightly more expensive keyboard that offers the complete functionality they require.


One notable challenge with the Korg SP 170S is that it does not come with a full pedal mechanism and stand, unlike many keyboards in its price range from other brands. This may be a drawback for some users who prefer a complete set of accessories for the keyboard.

However, apart from that, the Korg SP 170S offers a range of features that make it highly suitable and appealing for beginners. It provides an interesting and useful learning tool for developing and refining piano skills before transitioning to an acoustic piano. While experienced players may find the keyboard limited in fully showcasing their skills, we highly recommend it for learners who can benefit from its features and functionality.