We find ourselves in an era where the internet has become our go-to resource for a wide range of inquiries. Whether we seek a simple tutorial, guidance on various tasks, product evaluations, or anything else, the internet offers comprehensive solutions. The Best Keyboard for Playground Sessions, too, has greatly benefited from this digital age. As consumers, we often rely on online reviews to make informed decisions before purchasing musical instruments. Even those who may not be well-versed in which instrument to choose can conduct a quick online search, such as “best keyboards under $1000,” to access a wealth of information and ensure they make a confident choice.

The internet also serves as an invaluable teacher when it comes to keyboard mastery. There is a plethora of online guides covering topics like finger placement, playing techniques, and various keyboard tricks. This wealth of resources benefits not only beginners but also intermediate pianists seeking to expand their knowledge and skills.

The availability of online keyboard lessons offers both advantages and challenges. On the positive side, these lessons empower individuals to begin their learning journey without the need for a physical tutor. Moreover, the internet provides an abundance of lessons, many of which are accompanied by vivid video tutorials that guide learners through even the most intricate techniques. In the past, acquiring in-depth knowledge of piano playing often depended on access to experienced tutors or advanced pianists, who were not always readily available.

However, the downside of this abundance of online resources is the potential for overwhelming choices. With numerous websites offering lessons, beginners may find it challenging to discern which platform provides the most comprehensible and effective instruction.

In this article, we will guide you through some of the best websites where you can access a wide range of keyboard lessons to enhance your skills.

Best Keyboard for Playground Sessions

Best Keyboard for Playground Sessions Playground Sessions

Best Keyboard for Playground Sessions, a collaborative effort co-founded by the legendary Grammy award winner Quincy Jones, brings a unique approach to piano learning. The platform is complemented by the expertise of David Sides, an accomplished pianist who excels at simplifying the intricacies of piano playing.

Best Keyboard for Playground Sessions takes the form of downloadable software, making it accessible to users who are eager to embark on their musical journey. Rest assured, the installation process mirrors the simplicity of adding any other software to your computer. The software seamlessly caters to Windows PC, Mac, and iPad users, offering the advantage of portability for iPad owners. This mobility allows individuals to carry their lessons wherever they go, a valuable feature for group piano lessons and traveling musicians. To unlock full access to the array of lessons and videos available on Playground Sessions, users must subscribe to the service.

The software provides an array of learning resources, including instructional videos. These videos offer multiple perspectives, showcasing the keyboard in full view, accompanied by hands, keys, sheet music, and illuminated note names. This multifaceted approach enhances the learner’s understanding and engagement.

To streamline the learning process, Best Keyboard for Playground Sessions divides its curriculum into two distinct sections:

Bootcamp: This initial phase focuses on essential fundamentals, covering topics such as notation, keyboarding skills, rhythm, and even introducing learners to playing by ear.

Songs: The Songs section features a diverse selection spanning various genres, including pop, classical, rock, traditional, holiday, and country music. These songs are categorized based on the learner’s skill level, offering options for experts, intermediates, and rookies. It’s worth noting that access to these songs comes at a cost of $3.99 per song, potentially adding up if you wish to explore a wide range of musical styles. Occasionally, Best Keyboard for Playground Sessions awards users with free songs as a bonus.

Best Keyboard for Playground Sessions software also offers an interactive mode, where users can engage with songs in an engaging manner. This mode is designed to work seamlessly with a USB or MIDI keyboard connection. As you play along with a melody, the software provides real-time feedback by illuminating notes in green when played correctly and in red when misplayed. This gamified approach encourages progress through earned points and rewards.

Additionally, the software empowers users to customize their learning experience. You can adjust tempos, isolate specific musical segments for focused practice, and have fingering note names conveniently labeled.

Best Keyboard for Playground Sessions


Flowkey, much like Yousician, offers a free introductory program for basic keyboard skills. However, access to more advanced and essential lessons requires a subscription. Although a relatively new entrant to the market, Flowkey has already demonstrated its potential as a valuable learning platform.

With a premium subscription, learners receive tutorials in both video and audio formats, providing a comprehensive learning experience. This dual approach ensures that learners can grasp content not only through visuals but also through audio guidance. The video tutorials offer various angles, including a bird’s-eye view, allowing users to easily follow and understand the keyboard techniques. The course begins by introducing learners to reading musical notes, establishing a strong foundation.

Flowkey equips learners with essential tools to enhance their practice sessions. These tools include the ability to isolate hands, loop specific sections of music for focused practice, and adjust the tempo to match their skill level. The video tutorials can dynamically adapt to the player’s tempo, eliminating the need to rewind or pause, ensuring a seamless learning experience.

Furthermore, Flowkey provides access to an extensive library of over 200 genres of songs for practice, catering to learners of various skill levels. This diversity enables continuous self-assessment and skill improvement.

Flowkey’s premium subscription options are as follows: $19.99 per month, $12.99 per month for a three-month plan, $9.99 per month for an annual subscription, or a one-time payment of $299 for lifetime access. These subscription choices provide flexibility to learners based on their preferences and commitment levels.


Yousician presents a unique approach to learning the keyboard, akin to a campaign-style game where you must surpass current targets to progress to the next stage. The platform offers a free tier that covers all the fundamental lessons at no cost. However, for access to the more advanced and comprehensive tutorials, a subscription to their premium services is required.

Within each mission, Yousician provides video tutorials that prominently display the keyboard with letter names. In these videos, the keys are thoughtfully illuminated, synchronized with scrolling sheet music, ensuring a user-friendly and easy-to-follow learning experience.

Yousician further enriches the learning process with various features. You can fine-tune the tempo to match your skill level, view simplified music notations, isolate hands during practice sessions, and benefit from color-coded notes for enhanced comprehension. Additionally, the practice songs are accompanied by background music, infusing an element of entertainment into your learning journey.

One exceptional aspect of Yousician is its weekly challenges, which allow you to compete with users from around the world. This engaging platform provides an excellent opportunity to showcase your musical prowess and connect with fellow learners on a global scale.

Yousician is accessible across multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. You can install the app on your PC for home practice or carry it with you on your smartphone for on-the-go learning. While Yousician offers free basic services, there are limitations, such as a maximum of two lessons per day, with a 12-hour interval between lessons. Each lesson typically spans 20-30 minutes. For those seeking more, an upgrade to the premium package is available, offering a complimentary 14-day trial period. Following the trial, subscription options include $19.99 per month or a reduced rate of $9.99 per month for an annual commitment.

In addition to keyboard lessons, Yousician extends its offerings to include courses in guitar, ukulele, and bass, ensuring a comprehensive and versatile music education platform.

Best Keyboard for Playground Sessions


Online tutoring tools, while incredibly valuable, cannot entirely replace the role of physical teachers. However, they offer an exceptional opportunity for individuals of all backgrounds to refine their skills, requiring only an internet connection and access to a computer, with a modest financial investment in some cases. This accessibility levels the playing field, enabling even beginners who may not have the means for a personal tutor to pursue their aspirations of becoming proficient pianists.

For those fortunate enough to have personal tutors, these online tools can serve as valuable supplements to their traditional lessons, potentially accelerating their progress. In an age defined by the internet and advanced technology, there are virtually no barriers preventing individuals from pursuing a successful career in music.